A Purim Message from The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory

Dear Friend,

On the festival of Purim, when we all listen carefully to the reading of the Megillah and ponder upon the story it tells us, let us all remember a few important details and facts about what took place in those days, at this time:

There arose then a Haman, who issued a decree to murder and destroy all Jews at a fixed date.

Queen Esther then calls upon Mordechai to gather all the Jews and fast, after which she will go and plead with the King to rescind the terrible decree.

Mordechai thereupon goes and gathers tens of thousands of Jewish children and teaches them the Torah; he teaches them the procedure of offering the Omer when the Bet Hamikdash would be rebuilt.

All the children are so enchanted by the new spirit that Mordechai has inculcated into them, that even facing the danger of death, they exclaim: We stick with Mordechai and the Torah for life or death!

In that very same day the decree becomes null and void. Haman's downfall is already assured and the Jews are saved, even though they learn of it only after a number of months.

The experience of our fathers is a lesson to us all.

Let us remember that one of the chief means of frustrating the Hamans of our time, bring about their downfall, and bring light and joy to our people is:


To tell them that the true and complete redemption really lies in our own hands, for as soon as we Jews return to G‑d in complete repentance we are redeemed immediately, by our Righteous Mashiach.

To tell them further, that our Holy Bet Hamikdash will be rebuilt soon, and we must all be worthy and prepared to serve our G‑d in the Holy Sanctuary.

On the day when the Jewish children are imbued with this spirit, and are ready to exclaim - "We remain with you, our Torah, for life or death" - on that very day our Torah assures us, all the Hamans will be defeated, and all Jews will have "light, gladness, joy, and respect," speedily in our time.

Wishing you a Happy Purim,