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Five Dimensions - Four Worlds

Theories of Everything - Part 5

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Five Dimensions - Four Worlds : Theories of Everything - Part 5

The four dimensions of "point, line, area and body" as they correspond to four levels within the conscious observer and Four Worlds.
Five Dimensions -- Four Worlds
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Kabbalah, Science & Technology

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Madeline Vancouver BC December 1, 2013

infinite universes and the need for the observer I understand that there are an infinity of universes out there and at the same time observers are needed for all of these to exist ( if the physics is like ours). This calls for an infinity of souls (observers). The Mormons teach something similar, they say that each universe needs a chief, a creator, a god and that god is nothing else than us, humans in disguise: when we are evolved enough we become gods and goddesses. When man is god he can chose how to create his own universe. Maybe they mean the same, but word it differently? They did not hear about the observer effect, but sensed the need for a conscious being for material creation? How all this sounds to the Kabballist? Reply

Beverley Price Johannesburg April 24, 2013

4 worlds This is beautiful. Thank G for our inherited ideas and thinking. Kol tuv. I did paste it to my facebook page if you would like to see , be mikreh:) Reply

Richard Raff August 9, 2010

Five Dimensions - Four Worlds This is very interesting because at one point in my life i tried to diagram these worlds to try to make more sense of them. All i really had to do was just ask, thank you for another glimpse into the real theory of everything. Reply

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