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Primordial Man: Unlimited within the Limited

Theories of Everything - Part 11

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Primordial Man: Unlimited within the Limited : Theories of Everything - Part 11

The tenth and highest dimension of reality is described as the "infinite within the finite" that encompasses the dimensionality of all worlds.
Primordial Man Unlimited within the Limited
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Kabbalah, Science & Technology

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Ms. Dvora Schoenfeld-Fairfield February 18, 2012

Unlimited Limitednesses B"H
Primordial, In potentia, Prototype? In this Elevated Adam is contained all the combinations of potential, ad infinitum, of any & every human being and the characteristics they will possess & can utilize, in every scenario possible, until choices solidify in a particular expression within a person, defined, refined,& filtered down into the lowest reality of Asiyah - in order "to do" the will of HaShem in this world - serving in joy. Shalom Reply

Hany September 5, 2010

New Conciousness Great insight.
Thank you Rabbi.
Moschiakh will give this dimension to humanity? so Moschiakh is related mostly to Keter (or the 3 Keter, Khochmah, Binah)? Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for chabad.org September 1, 2010

Re: Primordial Man For an elaboration on Keter including its connection with the attribute of Malchut, see Keter. Reply

Martha Bogotá, Colombia August 30, 2010

Primordial Man In these classes I have to think about the ten sefirot:
A litltle part of keter belongs to malchut.
I am right or not?
Thanks Reply

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