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Dimensions of the World: Year (Shanah)

Theories of Everything - Part 3

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Dimensions of the World: Year (Shanah): Theories of Everything - Part 3

Various ways of defining the temporal dimension, its composition, and its effect upon space.
Year (Shanah)
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Kabbalah, Science & Technology

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Anonymous Flushing, NY August 19, 2010

oh anonymous... if only mr ny, ny had actually listened to the Rabbi's lecture he would realize that there is no disagreement between science and the Rabbi's representation of the relationship between time and space. Reply

Anonymous ny, ny August 19, 2010

Time is bound with space, it is merely the presence of speed and movement . It is not the soul of space, it is not a separate force .... not sure where this Rabbi gets his science from, but it is off. Reply

luv2learn Burke, VA August 10, 2010

I love the idea of time being the unseen dimension that allows for change. As our 3rd dimension allows us to move off the plane into space, this idea helps us to conceive of the kinds of places that other dimensions can take us.
If change is a manifestation of the time dimension, I wonder about the dimension(s) that are manifested by love... Reply

natan Brooklyn, NY August 9, 2010

past, present, future The Divrei Chaim sais that in truth there is no 'present'. Huh?
The 'present', the 'now', he says, is a (miraculous) fusion of past & future.
Also, the Shpoler Zaide said that there will be a time where technology will produce a machine that can record/playback events 'backwards in time' for any given mokom (place). Reply

Meira League City August 8, 2010

Please correct me if I am wrong Thank you very much for your great course, that some of us could only dream about.
Your presentation is profoundly clear and I wonder how long it may take to find the way and tools to explain a child such thing as “Law of Relativity”. It looks like you make such impossible thing true…I am only struggling to contemplate initial YUD of time. Here is analogy from psycholinguistic, that I found: usually a thought hit our mind instantly. Its whole entity is like a spot in time, all details and nuances it contains are there and can later be unfolded through message (like in a film).
For example: we got a thought in a quota of a second, but description of it takes more time: "The girl whose car is blocking my view of the tree that I planted last year is my friend." First we get the instant picture of the thought then we verbalized it through syntax, grammar and other speech tools.
So initial YUD of time might be G-d’s initial thought about world creation, right? Reply

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