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The World of Formation

Theories of Everything - Part 7

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The World of Formation: Theories of Everything - Part 7

The world of Yetzirah is described as a higher plane of reality where objects and happenings in the space-time dimensions actually take on moral value.
The World of Formation
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Kabbalah, Science & Technology

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Darrel Sisson Houston, Tx USA August 29, 2010

World of formation Another great explanation by Rabbi Crispe. I especially like the part where extra diminisions are added, but I have a question. When I dream at night I feel that I am permorming an action but at the same time observe myself performing that action, both ar the same time. Would that be considered as rising to a higher diminision in that part of the dream. It is as if I am at two places at the same time. Reply

Chani Benjaminson for chabad.org August 24, 2010

CD Thank you very much for your enthusiastic words! This series is not available on CD at this time, however we do provide mp3 files of all the classes so that you can download them yourself. Reply

Anonymous Hemet, Ca. August 21, 2010

This series from Asher Crispe are unbelievably great!
I have several relatives who are Astrophysists and Nano-scientists who have found no connection between faith and science. Asher Crispe has built the bridge! Is there some way to get the whole series on DVD, so that I could just send my relatives this bridge in an envelope? think they will watch the series if they don't have to work too hard to do it. Reply

JohnBattye KENT, UK August 17, 2010

World of Formation - part 7 A very articulate exposition of the reality that is unknown to the majority of people - irrespective of their culture, religion or philosophy. Reply

Bob Popkin port washington, ny August 16, 2010

thank you Shalom. Thank you, as before that was great . Reply

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