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Dimensions of the World: Space (Makom)

Theories of Everything - Part 2

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Dimensions of the World: Space (Makom): Theories of Everything - Part 2

An analysis of the spatial dimension and the secret significance of the number 176 in Torah as the basic model of "the optimal expansiveness of space."
Space (Makom)  
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Kabbalah, Science & Technology

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Anonymous Lodz, Poland March 10, 2011

wonderful You are living in the truly realm wor(l)d in full dimensions. I'm jeaouls. Reply

re-evaluating some cherished beliefs Palm Springs, CA/USA December 10, 2010

IF I could see the letter in 3D instead of the 2D? Why does every religion always have to force itself beyond rationality? The reason there are so many atheists and the like these days is respectable scientists such as the the one in this video actuality telling us to see 3D letters on 2D paper or flatscreen, since we can't see that parts of said latter actually proceeds into different directions rather than stopping where it shows it does on the page. I get Quantum Physics-- but how does anyone see letters in 3D, and what is thepoint, other tan to force letters to say what you wish them to, and they don't already say? All these years and still trying to keep the truth obscured under so-called sceince to keep the masses from even attempting to achive full knowledge. The Rabbi here is usually a favoraite of mine, but, after this, I can only watch or read him after I've had something stiff to drink. I'll believe anything then. Reply

Anonymous Boca Raton, FL August 24, 2010

space the cube is a human device, the universe is round every single in the universe is elliptic, please explain Reply

Avi Keslinger Ofra, Israel August 13, 2010

heory of Everything Part 2 Baba Batra actually only has 175 pages - as with every masechta (tractate) there is no daf alef Reply

Ari Blumenfeld August 9, 2010

Dimensions of the World: Space Dear Gavrieal Rafa,

What I find amazing about the way the Universe came into existence from the mystical perspective is in Bereshit 1:

"And God SAID, "Let there be light". All of creation is brought into being by the "spoken word of God."

Match that to Stephen Hawking and what science believes occurred at the Genesis point. In physics, it is understood that the Universe came into being when the unstable singularity that was all-of-creation exploded and the only thing in existance after that primordial moment was light.

No other religion has this concept. This is truly awesome stuff!!

I vaguely recall something in the Hebrew legends(?) that states that in the time of the coming of Mosiach ben David, that even small children will be quoting from the Zohar and Sefer Yetairah. I have shared this series with my fifteen year old daughter and she loves it. Furthermore, she is sharing it with her friends!!!!!

Thank you, Rabbi Asher Crispe. Reply

Zev Gross Milwaukee, WI August 8, 2010

Possible correction In response to "Anonymous from Cleveland":

VaYidaber = 6+10+4+2+200 = 222
Ashrei = 1+300+200+10 = 511
HaShutephin = 5+300+6+400+80+10+50 = 851

222 + 511 + 851 = 1584

As was pointed out in the previous comment, this equals 176 x 9 (not 1524). It seems like Rabbi Crispe confused the final total, but you can see the numbers work out if you do the calculations. Reply

Anonymous Cleveland, OH August 4, 2010

perhaps a tiny error:please check 176 x 9 = 1584
not 1524.
re: the "first words" spoken of, (va'yidaber, ashrei, hashutafim) I don't know their exact spelling, so I therefore don't know their exact gematria, however, 176 x 9 = 1584, not 1524. Reply

Anonymous Cleveland, OH August 4, 2010

Please check handout The handout shows a "6" for the value of the 2nd "hey". I think it's an error, right? Reply

Martha Bogotá, Colombia July 31, 2010

Theory of everything Classes 1 and 2 are: fantastic, deep and clear.
Thank you Rabbi Asher. Listening to you, I saw how great G-d is. Reply

Gabos Andrea New York, NY July 30, 2010

Dimensions of the World: Space There is an error in the handout. The correct addition is

Yud He Vav He is 10 + 5 + 6 + 5

and not as indicated
26 = ---
5+6+6+10 Reply

Rene´Chawes copenhagen, Denmark July 30, 2010

thank you. yes indeed, wonderful expressions. We can not fail to understand G-d one day. We keep looking and searching. Our reason to be is to try to understand G-d. Reply

Ari Lauderhill, FL July 30, 2010

Vav Thank you for a wonder-filled series of lectures.

You spoke of the "foot" of the letter He'h as being seen head on but is actually the letter Vav moving through the page. Is this, in fact, a Tesseract?

"Tesseract" is the shadow of a four dimensional object projected on to a two dimensional plane (i.e. the paper).

Two examples of a tesseract are 1. Mary Popinns." When she shows up to be a nanny for the children she "unpacks" her large purse and pulls out a coat-rack, a lamp and other objects that could not fit into a "normal" satchel.

2. Harry Potter - at the "Tri-Wizard" tournament, the tent everyone goes into is "larger on the inside than on the outside."

I do not see all of this as "mystical." To be sure, it is exotic, but so was the idea of Helio-tropism (the idea that Earth revolved around the sun). The difference is that now we have the math to describe these ideas

Thank you so much for giving us the revelation. We can only be better humans with this information. Reply

grateful BK, usa July 30, 2010

thank you Again. for the clarity!! Reply

Anonymous Spring, TX July 29, 2010

Lesson 2 :Dimensions of the World:Space Amazing...Thank you once again Rabbi Asher for the brilliance, clarity and simplicity in which you explain this complex matter...and to Chabad
Future home of Jewish TV for making this experience possible... Reply

Anonymous Chicago, IL July 29, 2010

Space Concepts Fascinating! These are ideas that I have not heard discussed before. When I was taking a course on Jewish Mysticism, someone suggested a class combining science with what we were studying, this class seems to be doing it. Reply

Carl Toronto, ON July 29, 2010

Great series. Wow, this is a fantastic series.

As a non-jewish person I find the depth of analysis incredible and the significance meaningful.

Not knowing all the Hebrew alphabet makes it a bit hard to follow but well worth it.

Thanks for posting this. Reply

Gavrieal Rafa July 29, 2010

Dimensions of the World: Space This has dimensions to the theory of G-d's existence, wow! So the actual Hebrew letters may be the design for length, width, depth. Something we could not do if G-d did not breath life into our souls. Given the gift that G-d gave to human beings is that knowing what life is and what ever life has to offer. With that in mind this formula with the cube (6+12+8=26) a new Holy Temple can be constructed, yes? A scribe needs to write out in Hebrew the space needed to accompany the Jewish people and the acquired knowledge to present to G-d. The yud, vav, dalet, really is the blueprints for the kingdom and a new Home. Well i need to go study my Hebrew a bit more carefully, i can be sloppy. Reply

Bryan Shane July 29, 2010

Makom Why is the Tetragrammaton have a "hey" in 2nd position as it appears to be redundant in respect to the spatial understanding? Is it that the first occurance is a completion of the spatial concept along with the "yod" or is it something else altogether?

Also, what does it mean to "count the heads" is we are not permitted to "take a poll? Reply