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Prophet Elijah’s Itinerary

Harbinger of Redemption, Lesson 3

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Prophet Elijah’s Itinerary: Harbinger of Redemption, Lesson 3

This series explores the legal challenges concerning the arrival of Elijah the Prophet as the harbinger of redemption. In this lesson we continue to analyze when, where and how Elijah will arrive to announce Moshiach.
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Talmud, Techum Shabbat, Nazirite, Elijah, Moshiach and the Future Redemption

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Rabbi Binyomin Bitton Vancouver, Canada March 3, 2017

Re: Walking One Kilometer Dear Ari,
Thank you for your feedback.
Your second suggestion (i.e. "distance from your home", more specifically: from the most outlying residence of a city) – is correct!
This concept is known as "Techumin" or "Techum Shabbat"; you can read more about it here: and here
Best regards, Reply

Ari Fisher Klamath Falls, OR, USA March 2, 2017

walking one kilometer At 9 minutes you say on shabbat you aren't supposed to walk more than one kilometer. But simply standing and moving your feet in your own home during the day can account for the same exercise as moving one kilometer or is the halachot specifying a distance from your home? I've heard that on shabbat it is allowed to walk all day to a synagogue if you don't live near one like in the olden days. I just wanted to make sure, many thanks! Very interesting about wine. Reply

T. Anidjar December 1, 2014

Elijah the Prophet and Moshiach Isn't the war of Gog and Magog in Megido? I thought it was in Megido and not in Jerusalem. I was in Israel and there is a place on the Mt. of Olives that has been built to receive Moshiach when He comes down from heaven. The mountain will split in two and whoever is left in Jerusalem will go up to meet Him, then He will enter the golden gates/east gates into Jerusalem. There is a prophecy that He will come when we least expect Him, could it be that this teaching of Him not come on the Shabbat be the day He will come because no one is expecting Him to come that day. Reply

Betzabe Castro November 13, 2014

I love this lesson it is very interesting. Reply

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