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Why Did G-d Create Money?

Tzedaka - Lesson 6

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Why Did G-d Create Money?: Tzedaka - Lesson 6

Couldn't G-d have just made a world where nobody needed any money. A look at the very spiritual side of economics.
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Money, Charity

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JHRB JHRB South Africa September 23, 2019

I really appreciate your lessons Reply

Anonymous May 16, 2019

rabbi Lazer - How to hate money - What if you sold all your possessions and gave the money to the poor? It wouldn't be a very nice thing to do for them, not charitable at all. They would become as you once were. The poor would be rich and you would be poor. It would be a nice thing for you to do for yourself. You would then be maltreated and impoverished as they once were. You would experience their position and hate what money does. It makes a huge monster out of your 'animal soul'. Money allows you to abuse other people in so many ways. So hate money and love God and seek His righteousness and live. Give righteousness, not money, for charity. Reply

Sonia Girona, Spain December 19, 2011

Thanks I just wanted to thank you for your lessons, they are very inspiring. Reply

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