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Wealth Distribution

Tzedakah—Lesson 2

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Wealth Distribution: Tzedakah—Lesson 2

Why doesn’t G‑d just give each person their appropriate share of wealth, rather than creating a world where some people are wealthy and others are in need?
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Justin Australia March 26, 2023

I really appreciated the first lesson on charity and learning my position with the weight of the world and why I do feel good regardless of being poor giving to harder up people.. I aim to learn more and get the weight off the world on my back gone to help those I love and all. This was a good lesson and I hope I get enough time to have a more positive effect on world than the imprint I have had. Thankyou for this being free Reply

Louise Gendron Florida July 20, 2022

Beautiful lesson. Reply

Boaz Kinshasa (DRCongo) July 10, 2022

May HaShem bless you abundantly dear rabbi …. So blessed for this holy teaching Reply

Primo Levi September 3, 2016

@Bill G_d is not partnering with "rich" people because they would not be "rich" if they had preformed tzedakah. They are "rich" because they have not preformed it.

The video is misleading by the misuse of the word "entitlement". Entitlement is the flip-side of obligation. If there is an "up" then their must be a "down" because one creates the other.
If a person has an obligation to someone then someone has an entitlement to that obligation.
What the video meant to question, I think, is if compelling someone to fulfill their obligations truly fulfilling them? Can you force someone to preform a mitzva? Most would say "no" and this is where unnecessary suffering and "rich" people come from. Reply

Bill Montreal, Canada May 25, 2012

Interesting, but something is not sitting well with the idea that G-d "partners" with rich people. That suggests wealthy people have a closer connection to G-d from all this "partnering" going on.

Response to Harry in IL: The taxation system taxes the rich to a greater extent, and this money is redistributed to the poorer areas of society. I think the Rabbi was right on the money there. Reply

Harry Buffalo Grove, IL November 27, 2011

Entitlement nonsense You should stick to religious commentary for which you are trained and not political commentary for which you are obviously not.
These left wing entitlement programs you sneer at aren't a mandate of the rich being forced to give to the poor. Social security in the United States is paid for by everyone for the 40 or so years that they work. They are simply receiving it back with interest. If you put your money in a bank for 40 years would you be entitled to receive it back with interest? It's a shame that an enlightening lesson on charity had to be muddled with political bigotry. Reply

Lisa Aubert Long Beach, CA/USA November 24, 2011

one's suffering provides another a mitzvot This lesson is so thought provoking I shall need to meditate on it intensely. As a seed of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, is there an entitlement (for lack of better phrasing) for Jews to become billionaires or millionaires or at least make it on the Forbes richest list? Reply

virginia Orange Park, FL/USA November 23, 2011

Wealth Distribution Wonderful teaching and explanation on the importance of helping the poor as it is a G-dly action of being His servant. Reply

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