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What Is Tzedakah?

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What Is Tzedakah?

Giving charity is the quickest, simplest way to have an impact on the world. Most people think tzedakah is the Hebrew word for charity, but there’s a big difference. Learn what Judaism says about tzedakah.
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raizl new york September 7, 2022

Brilliantly done! i would only add that doing tzedakah (i.e., seeking justice) can be done in addition to individual acts. Doing tzedakah means to work for a just society, so that there are fewer poor and needy among us. Seeing that workers are justly compensated for their labor; that the sick and ailing get the care they need, and more. Thank you for this message. Reply

Anonymous Jerusalem September 7, 2022

Thanks. If I give cash to a struggling person disguised as a "gift" with a card, etc., is that charity? What about a generous tip? What about random donations to shul? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for September 7, 2022
in response to Anonymous:

Yes, that all counts as tzedakah. Reply

Anonymous Jerusalem September 8, 2022
in response to Eliezer Zalmanov:

Baruch Hashem! Reply

Anna Lautanen Cleveland September 6, 2022

Thank you. This explanation is very good. I believe it and am working on having this attitude when I give. But does tzedakah have only to do with money?
I have struggled most of my life financially due to a number of reasons, but never actually in dire need, financially. Now I have money due to an inheritance. I'm grateful to be able to give much more without worry. But when I ask for other help in my life, mental, emotional, spiritual, educational, more often than not, I am told I am being ungrateful because I am so well off materially. I want to be able to help others in more ways than money. To due this, I want to be stronger in all the ways mentioned above. Just wondering. Reply

Sue Baker Rochester September 6, 2022

I give money and I also knit and give new blankets. The knitting keeps me busy and the blanket keeps someone warm. Reply

Fred USA September 6, 2022

What about people who give for a specific cause because they want G-d to help them in that area like finding a wife for a child and donating to such funds that help brides? Why is it not considered bribery when you give charity on the high holidays so you can have a good year? Reply

Jared POSTVILLE September 5, 2022

love it!! what a game changer! Reply

yk September 5, 2022

very nice Reply

Shmuel C September 5, 2022

Creative, Clear, fun and informative
Thank you! Reply

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