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What Is Judaism?

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What Is Judaism?

Want to know what Judaism is? Start with this fun video.

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Mallik Holliston, MA via gotchabad.com July 24, 2020

This is one of the best videos put out by Chabad.org. This should be required watching for every Jew! Keep up the good work! Reply

Rozann Earth July 23, 2020

Charming and thoughtful, but after recognizing that there is no body, gender, corporeal existence of G-d, you proceed to refer to Him and He. Surely it would kosher to create a non-binary pronoun for our busy deity. Zhe, Zher, Zhou? Reply

AS USA July 23, 2020

A very nice video, but Judaism isn't an "idea." It's the religion for the Jewish nation, which is essentially an ethnic group (with subdivisions like Ashkenazi and Sephardi). Converts join the Jewish nation like how any immigrants joins a country. Reply

Joseph Vinegar July 21, 2020

I think the video was very informative. There were a few details that were tending more towards Lubavitch (sun&moon animation, the note at the end), but otherwise I think it gave an accurate picture of the religion. Reply

Mohamed Ali July 21, 2020

Yes, it's quite useful to those who belongs to others faiths or religions to know about Judaism, a very nice video...Keep going.
Prophet Abraham peace be upon him, his curiosity led to the discovery and finding of one and true God , who created everything that are visible and invisible !
May his teaching cherish in the generations and generations to come ! A’meen
Thank you ! Reply

Rabbi Wineberg USA July 20, 2020

Just wanted to comment that the one thing that should be added is the Mystical... - so people can further their learning (perhaps also where to study more..) Reply

Rabbi Z. USA July 20, 2020


Please Share on your Social Media - Light Up The World NOW Reply

זכרי July 19, 2020

Nice presentation.
The more you realize. Reply

MMW fort lee July 19, 2020

This is amazing Reply

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