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How to Give

Tzedaka - Lesson 9

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How to Give: Tzedaka - Lesson 9

A quick overview of some of the basic laws of charity including Maimonides' famous "Eight Levels of Charity."
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Thabi South Africa March 16, 2017

Thank you for this series. I have just finished listening to all the videos. Oh my, my, my..... Prayer answered. As I was praying this morning, I asked G-d why the world has the kind of relationship it has with money. And this series was an answer.

Thank you Sir... Reply

Anonymous Montreal October 27, 2012

These videos changed my life Thanks Rabbi Gurkow for teaching me about tzedaka. You have brought me closer to Hashem. Reply

Lazer Gurkow London, ON June 17, 2012

Should Charity preclude money for food? I think this is a perfect example of allowing our sophisticated mind to get in the way of what our heart, gut and soul knows is right. Reply

Bill Montreal June 16, 2012

"money for food" I might have to disagree with "if someone asks for money for food, we don't ask questions, we provide"
Living in the bigger cities it is quite common to hear homeless people asking for money "for food", and to see signs that read "spare change for food". However, there is a food bank system in place that receives government assistance, and there are soup kitchens throughout the city. The homeless issue is complex, and one could argue that giving to a person who is out there everyday, with a sign that reads "money for food", is not actually helping that person get on a better road in life. Panhandling from an early age, a person learns that that lifestyle works, and as long as the change keeps coming, there is no incentive to be any more productive. I believe in charity, but shouldn't the goal of charity be to really help a person, to make that person more comfortable - better off -not to perpetuate the homeless lifestyle? Reply

Binh Tran Fremont, Ca March 22, 2012

Tzedaka Thank You Rabbi Gurkow, truly is a wonderful teaching on topic of tzedaka, through tzedaka I find how HaShem show His kindness and compassion to all mankind everyday, also I like to thank you for your weekly essay on your website, I read it every week. Thank You. Reply

Rich Bio-os Amlan, Philippines January 10, 2012

Giving The teaching about how to give has been a real eye opener for me. Even though I DO GIVE IT MADE realize some mistakes I have been making when it comes to giving. Reply

Anonymous Gibraltar January 9, 2012

What about aniyei Eretz Yisrael Fantastic summary of the laws. But I've always wondered if the poor of Israel have priority over one's city. I was under the impression that they come first.

Thanks Reply

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