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Defective Merchandise, Part 1

The Talmud on Money Matters, Lesson 4

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Defective Merchandise, Part 1: The Talmud on Money Matters, Lesson 4

Careful examination of a few seemingly extra words in the Talmud, leads us to an argument between Rav and Shmuel related to cancelling a sale.
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Talmud, Tractate Bava Kamma, Money

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Janice August 16, 2014

Damages Thank you so much for your reply. Perhaps your talmadine do or do not know how fortunate they are to be there live with you and each other. This is a real blessing for me; as when I was a girl I wanted to be an attorney; I am glad HaShem provided these lessons in my old age - He satisfies our desires.

Thank you again
Janice Reply

Rabbi Binyomin Bitton Vancouver, BC August 15, 2014

Ploughing or Meat To Janice:

Indeed. If he bought it for meat, there would be no argument. The case however over here is that the buyer claims that be bought it for ploughing, and therefore want to return it, while the seller claims that the sale may have very well been for meat. Reply

Janice August 8, 2014

Ox for plow or meat If he bought the ox for meat - why would he want to return it? He slaughters it, butchers it, freezes, cooks and eats. Reply

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