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Maimonides as Rationalist

Studies in Maimonides: Lesson 6

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Maimonides as Rationalist: Studies in Maimonides: Lesson 6

A critical examination of Maimonides' famed idealization of reason and intellect as a theme throughout his works.
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Maimonides, Reason and Supra-rationality

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john smith fort lauderdale, fl November 22, 2010

the intelectual so the intelectual should ONLY think? and ONLY think to get themselves closer to G-d himself or on a higher level? so in essence the individual should be on a quest for internal peace with G-d. is it not a natural state of being to be closer to something that invented al things. so does an eternal thought process only consume ourselves from within for self gratification only? to try ourselves to become our maker? how close should we get and not forget a million other things in the process? does the intellectual hold a bigger key to life or is it merely to boost his own ego in knowing the truth of who, what, where or why G-d comes from. and speculation? where does this fit in the puzzle? who claims to know G-d personally from within from mere contemplation? who is writing the words on the paper which is written to get to the level of thought to comprehend? is it the words themselves or the art of reading those words? or is it the act of wanting to read the words and the wanting to be? Reply

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