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Background of Mishneh Torah

Studies in Maimonides: Lesson 3

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Background of Mishneh Torah: Studies in Maimonides: Lesson 3

A perspective for understanding the sheer magnitude of Maimonides' accomplishments in codifying the entire body of Jewish law.
Rambam Bibliography  
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Maimonides, Mishneh Torah (Rambam)

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Kayo Tokyo, Japan November 7, 2010

Realized it is such a precious work Thank you for choosing this subject for the topics of Jewish TV. Without it, I did not realize how precious the daily shiur of Rambam is. I will try my best not to waste his great work. Reply

J. Immanuel Schochet Toronto, Canada November 3, 2010

Jerusalem Talmud Yes, the Jerusalem Talmud is extant, but we do not have the whole thing. Some tractates are around, but others are not. This is also the case with the Babylonian Talmud. Many tractates that are dealt with in Babylonian Talmud are not dealt with in the Jerusalem Talmud, and vice versa. Reply

grant indiana February 22, 2019
in response to J. Immanuel Schochet:

grant (Zehner) gerling May peace be upon you. Todah Rabah!!!!! Reply

Mr. grant (Zehner) gerling November 2, 2010

Mishna So is the Talmud Yerushalomi existantly intact????????????????? Reply

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