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Maimonidean Controversy

Studies in Maimonides: Lesson 7

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Maimonidean Controversy: Studies in Maimonides: Lesson 7

Maimonides' response to the contemporary criticism, and even fierce opposition, to his works.
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Sharon Willicome Canada December 24, 2015

Truly wonderful series, so well set out and with clarity as to the character of the Rambam. I am studying 'The Guide' and the insights from these lectures bring a deeper respect for the Rambam and his work. Thank you, Rabbi. Reply

Mr. Leonard Pena December 10, 2010

Transcript of Lesson Is there a transcript of this lesson available? Reply

Richard Raff November 29, 2010

Maimonidean Controversy By what was said in this lecture and what we can learn in this lesson is that Maimonides cared about the human condition. To Maimonides if you acted as a fool or you acted as a scholar, there was something to learn by these comparisons. Knowing that G-d has conditions for us and understanding what those conditions were, was the Rambam's class room. The truth is what Maimonides was really looking for and I think that's what we all are doing to this very day. I am just trying to find the truth that's it, the path is lead by G-d's will. What we are doing and what we can do is our choice, but weather you like it or not G-d loves us either way. You can not find the right answers unless you have the wrong answers first. Reply

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