Poems about Expression

Heavy Joy
From a Dream
Some slide in skates
Others glide on jet
We're all on some journey
A soul's the ticket you get

stretching into the earth and sky
reaching for the truth
where is fulfillment found
if I don't see the end of growth

Sweet and Sour
I love you through and through
And through the pleasure to create
Cause to create is to surprise
The surprise of a new and different taste
two fingers on the wheel
others jammed in matted hair,
I'm drowning
in tangled
new-fangled half-
hatched worldviews,
no idea where I am
Two small children
Walk hand in hand
Along a stretch
Of white gritty sand.
You shall love your fellow as yourself.
Reinventing Myself
I can invent myself today
To be the woman I long to become
And fill one small mold...
Our Fullest Trust
Living breath so near me
What once was within yet not fully known So precious after pain
and bitterness rubbed off
Our baby Living breathing “Mamma”...
Tick Tock
Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Glancing up at the clock, The sound it makes resounds within, So many mixed messages lie therein...
The Good Name
In the midst of the forest, she stood.
In a dress one might have worn to a party.
Surrounded by others, hurrying, engaged in their own thoughts....
The Hand of Time
I will walk with you through many doors.
Though your pace is slower, I will take smaller steps,
For your dignity is as vital as the air we breathe...
A Blessed Day
For a few moments, Lila and the seagull looked at each other, nothing more. And then, with a great flapping of his wings, the gull took to the sky. If she expected gratitude, there was none forthcoming, but it almost seemed as if her heart took flight with him...
A Mother's Prayer
The passerby does not discern The difficult lessons she has had to learn...
Thank G-d
I am learning to bless the splattered coffee stains in the sink, the wet towels on the carpet, the crumpled socks on the bathroom floor.
Aliyah Unity
I handed my siddur to you,
After you passed your glasses,
To the young man who shared his water,
With the matron wrapping her sweater,
Around the tiny one.
Inspired by TheJewishWoman.org
A revival in the heart of
our People:
emitting strings
of musical notes
strokes of color
and dancing banners,
Oh, how I hate,
when I just wait,
and do things late.
Learning to Fly
I'm airborne
down the street
just a black raincoat
It is windy, gusting
others resist
Two Mirrors
Shoulder length wavy tresses
matched her deep brown, dreamy eyes.
Dressed in the latest, elegant fashions
Lisa knew the fine art of social disguise.
An Afternoon in Medzibuzh
A rowboat sits
In the middle of a marsh
With so many seagulls
It’s as if it’s snowing
My words feel less than insufficient.
Writing on the Wall
What letters can tell
what words are worthy, to hold the story
the melody that plays the heart
The Question Answered
Where do I belong?
With whom do I belong?
Certainly with my family
But the children are grown
and the relatives are
dispersed or gone...
To Accomplish
I lay awake last night,
And thought about my day,
And then I wondered where I was, for what was I to say,
If someone asked me what I did
Israel: My Prayer
There is a place, my own I call it,
Where fiery winds blow messages -
Spirits of old -
Where graves of sages tell the tale,
History of our people…
Knowing You
I did not know this woman, whose life I feel so connected to now.
I never got to see her face, or look into her eyes.
You use your eyes to see me
And you use your mouth to judge.
As if our right should be
To hold a universal grudge.<
A Refugee From Tsfat
The following poem and paintings are the reflections of Sheva Chaya Shaiman, the artist for TheJewishWoman.org’s homepage. She and her family had been living in Tsfat until a few weeks ago when the katyusha bombings forced them to flee from their home...
Who Am I?
Who am I you may well ask
I really wish I knew
If I am not myself at all
Then maybe I am you
A Stranger's Question
There will allways be something anew
Something you´ll have to keep in mind
Something fundamental and oh so true
A wake-up push that you should find
The Arch of Daniel
Saw the Arch of Titus today.
Fought the simmering heat.
Temporary relief
of a cool ancient fountain found
triumphs to conquering Jews
The Fruit of Hands
I am an earthen vessel
For other-worldly fire
I carry my Torah
Under my heart
I turn my face towards the hot sun
The Butterfly
In a moment
Between illusion and truth
Dreams are painted
By the wings of a butterfly.
Jerusalem: City of David, City of Gold.
How many nations have ruled you, have trampled your holy streets?
How many swords have pierced your aching soul?
I'm Only Human
Dear self, You are only human. You are not perfect, and really if you were, how absolutely dreadful that would be.
My Heart's Delight
Although I never met you
Yet your allure calls to me
Beckons to me in my sleeping
and in my waking hours
Netanya, Jaffa, Zefat, and Haifa...
Pick A Table
There once was a great rabbi,
Who had a dream one night.
And in the dream he got to see,
A most amazing sight.<
A Story of Words Spoken and Unspoken
I wanted to tell you-
How sad I was feeling.
The struggle of searching for you
Was unreal...
What Did You Do?
When you heard all their lies, did you think it was true?
Or that that which they threatened they’d never see through?
Were you idle and mute as the cruelty grew?
Flu, Fever and Aches