I was standing between the library stacks;
And my lips were quiet,
My soul so alone
And the air was quiet,
The pages were closed.
But my heart started speaking
I wasn’t afraid;
The books were all quiet
While I put them away.

I wanted to tell you-
How sad I was feeling.
The struggle of searching for you
Was unreal.
I shouted to you,
And I wished
You could hear me.
If only you’d whisper one word
In my ear.

Oh those minutes I suffered.
Each day I felt pain.
And yet it took six more years
Til you came.

Then moment of wonder, completion of soul.
How in that quick of a time
Did we know?
A year spent together-
No longer alone.
Now blessed with each other
We’ve built our own home.

Only one Witness-
And just He is true-
Only One knows
How I waited
For you.
And only One listened when nobody heard
And said,
"If you believe it
I give you My word."