Editor’s Note: The following poem and paintings are the reflections of Sheva Chaya Shaiman, the artist for TheJewishWoman.org’s homepage. She and her family had been living in Tsfat until a few weeks ago when the katyusha bombings forced them to flee from their home.

Dear Friends,
This is my prayer, my journal I have kept since we came south from Tsfat. I hope you will get something out of it and I am happy to get reflections.

I lift my eyes to see from whence my Help will come.

Dear G*d smoke billows flying ketuyshas clouds sunset over Meron.
From the disillusion of leaving to the joy of returning our lives turned upsidedown. Where is the child, keep us smiling. From joy to strength we will return in joy.

Our lives are really moment to moment.
Every single one is so precious,
an opportunity to grow and enlighten.

HaShem protect Your children
every moment
their joy exudes
we bathe in Your light

Shmu had so much fun today. Seven jumping castles boats balls climbing through such a colorful world spread outwards like the corners of a six year old smile.

What we believe colors our world.
Happiness glee joy bouncing rolling spinning children
enjoy the light.
Parents patience pounding preference
how long can this persist?
We get to see each other here again in a new light, like a blink in time.
Yes, this is an opportunity to grow
To relate
To contemplate how I was here before
How I looked at another
Like another
Now I can see the good so much stronger
How much longer
What else should I face and accomplish today
We are on our way
Connected to the roots trunk branches
this little leaf flying in the wind

I won't let go I pray to be connecting to the flowing stream
The Source of Wisdom
Even way out here, blown by thousand year winds

Father Mother sister brother, when I think I am right I see yellow green go.

Shema Yisrael the Name Elokeinu, HaShem is ONE.

Knowing one breath

Many times

Colored lines

Calling friends

War ends
It looks brighter on the other side

One step at a time, we pray to be seen in the light of Your rachamim.

I am not afraid. Like a daughter to a father we are Your children, we are not afraid.

Reflect goodness light effort to do right to come together to live forever to ride holiness to beyond space and time
Pray to learn
Learn to pray
Pray what we have learned permeates our being
Shining outward
We should be filled and flowing with endless pure joy.

I pray to see my family and friends in good health, L'Chaim.

Our lives are so precious. One day at a time.

G*d's redemption is like the blink of an eye.
Vision improves over time while the evil withers and falls away
as we pray

I have resolutions to return to something good, better beyond our imagination awaits us.

Pulling water from the sky tears falling from my eye
my resources are from the highest Source.

Seeing reflection of the tzaddik in the faces in all these
familiar places
Lessen our pain our divisions and unite us with light,
with song

Tatee Zeesa Malka (Our sweet Father, Our King) we want to come home

Sincerely, Your faithful servant,
Sheva Chaya