When I was little and I walked through the unfamiliar doors of
my nursery school, my eyes belied my fearless demeanor.
You smiled bravely and
You held my hand.

When I trembled as my father faded from our lives ever so slowly,
until his physical being could no longer remain on this earth,
You told me we would be alright
Despite your own fears, and
You held my hand.

When I became a bride and my love was now shared by another,
You smiled knowingly as your heart swelled with pride
That I chose so wisely, and
You held my hand.

When I gave birth to four beautiful children and ran barefoot
through the rich soil of life’s forest,
Your hands became rough as you helped me move the branches
and twigs out of my way, and
You held my hand.

When your heart became weak
And your spirit was broken,
Your eyes spoke a language only I understood.
G‑d asked me to reach out, and
I held your hand.

I will walk with you through many doors.
Though your pace is slower, I will take smaller steps,
For your dignity is as vital as the air we breathe.
I will reassure you that it will be alright,
And remind you that I will always be proud of you
As we travel through both familiar and unknown paths,
And I will never let go of your hand.