Shoulder length wavy tresses
matched her deep brown, dreamy eyes.
Dressed in the latest, elegant fashions
Lisa knew the fine art of social disguise.

Lisa kept two mirrors
though there’s no one that she told -
the first, large and framed in silver,
the second, more precious to her than gold.

That Lisa’s exquisitely delicate beauty
as seen in others’ eyes
was reflected in that silver mirror
comes as no surprise.

Yet with scrupulous honesty
Lisa denied the false façade.
This beauty was not her doing
but a generous gift from G‑d.

She revealed her soul’s integrity,
by seeking truth with a passion.
As she discovered spiritual splendor
her heart filled with compassion.

A mirror just to see herself
gave her some bit of pleasure,
but the reflection of her deepest self
was Lisa’s favored treasure.

Genuineness and understanding,
she sought in wisdom’s light
before she trusted the silver mirror
to say she looked all right.