There’s a story to say about a moment,
A moment belonging to now,
If you listen and pay full attention,
This moment will make you act now.

This moment’s already no longer
A new one has come your way now.
It comes in alone, often too soon,
When we’re stuck in what comes before now.

G‑d blessed your life so many moments
Each moment has only one now.
Each moment cries use me don’t stand there
And watch me pass you by now.

You’ve been given me for a reason,
Please fill me with something right now,
Before I go to the pile of moments
No longer belonging to now.

Escorting our moment with actions
Gives it value lasting till every new now
And even when it sits on its pile
It has so much to thank you for now.

And though last moment will never come back,
A new one demands of you now.

If there’s anything we can improve,
The right time to do so is now,
Let’s use this gift of now’s moment
G‑d entrusted to us now.

It’s our job to ensure and to keep doing more
Giving value to every new now.