I love you through and through
And through the pleasure to create
Cause to create is to surprise
The surprise of a new and different taste
The taste of sweet and sour
Sweet and sour like true love
Love worth staying up late
Late too late to start
To start to dedicate the night to make
To make two souls in their garments go up in flames
Flames from the sparks of a new delicious taste
The taste of a new test
The test of growth through coming close
Individual growth can be lonely and sour, as I know it
And yet well worth it when I realize how much more together I'm inside.
Being cautious not to take in vain
The effort and support you provided me
Through this long uneasy road
Which led us once again
Unexpectedly to be so close and able to taste
The out-of-this-world sweetness we wish each other on Rosh Hashanah
May we be capable to recognize
That the sour and the bitter are both absolutely needed
For us
To separate
To distinguish
And to appreciate on one side, the good for Heaven sake,
And on the other the pain from abysmal lack
What scares us, hurt us,
It all flows from the same Source
Merely as a contrast to see both separately,
Otherwise it would all look alike, undistinguishable the same
And there wouldn't be a choice for us of colors, shapes, sound or tastes,
Not even of love or hate.
So as I was saying, together we come close
Like in the Jewish paradox
Of opposites that make a one whole unit
Way more powerful than the sum of its parts
Parts that part from reason and from logic to scientific derision
Derision for one could hardly account
Account for a fraction of the awesomeness
The awesomeness to truly fully be
To be, yes always you and me
Now forever and beyond
Beyond human comprehension
The two poles of a one molecule of love
The love with which Hashem Almighty made us all.
All this love He injects in us, every single day
Is all the fuel we need to stand at bay,
Of all the pernicious forces obstructing our way
From bringing out the light destined to reveal and discover gloriously
That in this world, Glory, is living through His ways
Accepting the gift He Gives us every day
Which is He, Hashem, in every way…
Oh! If only we could hear, see, smell, feel and taste
Through True faith, which is really our only tool to work to dig
And find the treasure that has always being within us
Hashem Almighty Himself here and now,
Still waiting begging in all this sweet and painful ways: "please seek me,
Praise in song my name, exult in me, like you needed me in the desert when there was just the two of us as One"…
So He can offer us what He desires more than anything else
To give of Him to us like a groom to his bride
In the ultimate purity of their nuptial night.
In full awareness of Him and nothing else
Then how couldn't you and me appreciate
That the awesome Gift He gives us every day
Is the Gift of He Himself in every way,
So we'd triumphantly become aware
That the only Life worth living for,
Is the one that leads to Him.
No matter how invisible He may seem
Cause He is Life, Truth and Love, all in one.
Now, we can surely testify
How uniquely Sweet and Sour has to be the Gift of Life
To seek and strive and give ourselves to Him as well
Through following His Ways
And through the process
Experience magically and delight endlessly in the unimaginable ecstasy and the most supreme of all, the taste of pure true love and peace for all.