Jerusalem: City of David, City of Gold.
How many nations have ruled you, have trampled your holy streets?
How many swords have pierced your aching soul?
Men have thought to control your future, to destroy your golden Temple,
to burn your fields of grain, to seal Your Eastern Gate.

No longer would you be a City of the Jews,
no longer would the Shofar be blown,
Now the Jews should find a new land,
this City was no longer their home.

You were left without music - only with dark,
No songs were heard singing - no candles gave light,
You were left without joy,
Only the crying of the mourners was heard.

For two thousand years, you sat there, alone,
Waiting, waiting - forgotten, forlorn,
Weeping tears of despair, lamenting,
"Where have all My children gone?"

From the great Temple in Heaven, an awesome Voice was heard,
"Oh Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem, no longer shall I wait;
Now, stand back and see what I shall do! I am bringing your children Home,
they shall again possess their land;
Watch them build Your cities strong,
Taste their new sweet wine,
Listen to their voices shouting My Song,
'This is the City of G‑d.'

Again, their music will fill your ears, their dancing will make you glad,
My People shall remain there forever, Jerusalem,
For I have restored their land."