I fell in love with you so long ago
Although I never met you
Yet your allure calls to me
Beckons to me in my sleeping
and in my waking hours
Netanya, Jaffa, Zefat, and Haifa
Your names cast a spell over me
Haunting my dreams
with their promise of a history long past
David, Samuel, Rachel and Abraham
have been warmed by your sun
Jacob, Sarah, Ruth and Isaac
have been nourished by
the fruit of your orchards
You lily of the valley
You rose of Sharon
By the Seas of Kinneret
have so many come before me
I can feel your green, green grass
beneath my feet
the tamarisk tree gives me shade
and the sun warms my brow
there is no other like you
Oh, Jerusalem
calling me home
In the shuk of Jericho
I smell your spices
cardamon, sesame, cumin and coriander
My teeth wrap around
the fair pomegrante
I am caught up in the embrace
of your sheltering embrace
Oh Israel my love
Israel my home