There will allways be something anew
Something you´ll have to keep in mind
Something fundamental and oh so true
A wake-up push that you should find

Think before you talk
Think before you act
Act instead of talking
Act instead of only thinking

You´ll never forget that very special day
When a stranger will come to you and ask
How to cope, how to work, how to pray
How to dwell in a place and to do all your tasks

How to know what´s good when surrounded by evil
How to bless and cleanse in a place full of dirt
How to be yourself when everyone is acting
How to work for peace in a so-called world

How to love your neighbor
Despite all he rattles
How to see the stars
Through all of life's battles

How to cope with life's hardships
And how to understand
That as soon as someone needs it
You should hold out your hand

What will be your answer?
How do you behave?

Your deeds should be your answer
And that stranger should be yourself.