Have you experienced the flu, the fever and aches,
The discomfort, isolation, the shivers and shakes?
The numb bitter moments, a tasteless sore throat,
The overwhelming sensations when you feel you can’t cope?
Have you been tied to your bed, with blankets galore,
Been too exausted to move, you feel helpless and poor?
Have you hidden your face to cover those tears,
Or felt lost and abandoned, like a child with fears?
Has laundry piled up, while your homes run on wheels,
Dinners consisting of snacks for all meals?
Whilst trying to digest this total disarray,
Its effect on my household each minute of the day.
How my world has turned shady, dark and gloomy,
I search for perspective to shed light on this story.
For me, this week seemed more like a nightmare,
Realization hit me, there are sadly many out there.
Adults and children who are chronically sick,
With painful illnesses that don’t pass that quick.
Do we make a regular effort to call a real priority?
Do we show our concern, it is our responsibility?
Do we offer a hand, do we acknowledge their pain?
They are simply struggling to keep themselves sane.
Though we can’t understand why sickness exists,
It’s our caring role that can remove the gist.
Friendships do wonders, creating light through their night,
May this exile be over, an end to each battle and fight.