two fingers on the wheel
others jammed in matted hair,
I'm drowning
in tangled
new-fangled half-
hatched worldviews,
no idea where I am
or how I got
here—but I'm not here
to waste my time with these
(not to mention
superfluous) syllables—
drop the pretension,
the making mountains
out of molehills,
the searching for needles
in haystacks, see I
just want to relax but i'm
perpetually hard-pressed
to impress, to express
old things, to fold and unfold
them in new and
unusual ways.

but in the rear-view mirror
what's real is closer
than it appears.
was so locked
in cruise control, forgot
about the engine
giving Life.
blind spots cloud and
confound like a smoke screen
give me direction! give me purpose!
egos accelerating
pulsating, pleading
for boundaries
for freedom that is true and
not consumed in self-obsession.

recalculating route
I swerve out
and make the next
(im)possible U-turn
You Turn—
The road is wide open.