Two small children
Walk hand in hand
Along a stretch
Of white gritty sand.
You shall love your fellow as yourself.

Unaware of differences,
Unaware of hate,
Unaware of those
Alternate plans of Fate.
Compassion banishes hatred and arouses love.

As they grow older,
The fighting begins,
No longer filled
With smiles and grins.
One is obliged to love them too.

Full of twists and bumps,
A road filled with hardship,
But love outweighed all else:
The strength of true friendship.
One must attract with strong cords of love.

Their bond runs deeper
Than mere skin,
They are the same
Somewhere within.
Only the bodies are distinct from each other.

Two young adults
Stand side by side
Take life as it comes,
Everything in stride.
Who can know their greatness and excellence in their source and root?

(Source of Italics: Tanya, Chapter 32)