Can a heart weep with tears unshed?
Can a soul ache with words unsaid?
Can shoulders bend with burdens unseen?
The sadness inside from a shattered dream

A mother dreams when her children are small
Of all they will be when they grow tall
One who has awe of his Creator with a heart so pure
An honest and upright Jew, of that she is sure

The passerby does not discern
The difficult lessons she has had to learn
She can not save them from times of pain
For only Hashem their lives can ordain

The heart of a mother can weep without tears
As she prays for her children throughout the years
No matter how hard she tries to protect
They too will be tested she does suspect

From her depths she cries
To Heaven she pleads
Spare them from sorrows
And answer their needs

Her heart fills with sadness when they are low
But she knows from these trials they too will grow
And start the cycle again once more
When they become mothers with all that’s in store.