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The Global Shift

Globalization & the End of Work: Lesson 1

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The Global Shift: Globalization & the End of Work: Lesson 1

This first class in a series focuses on concrete examples of how, in many ways, we are already living in a utopian future and stresses the importance of the trend toward a globalized "innovation economy."
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Diana David-Rus Muenchen April 17, 2019

I agree that the common understanding of human civilization stages is that hunter-gathering societies are more primitive. However by reading the story of Cain and Abel carefully we see that actually G'd liked more the offer of the hunter then the one of the farmer. This made me thinking. Then I read more about the consequences of the farming and agricultural life to human life style and civilization and actually according with the latest medical research the life as a hunter-gathering society was more equilibrated regarding food choices and health. As our Agricultural society developed we simply become 'slaves' of a few plants that actually when consumed might made us more harm than good regarding health. So, what I'm saying is that the transition from the hunting-gathering to farming-agricultural society was not necessary a step ahead for society but contrary a step back. Now is clear why G'd didn't like the offer of the farmer in Cain Abel society. Everything else I agree with. Reply

Matt sydney, OZ January 3, 2011

thankyou! very glad you used the term 'technological metaphor'..

interesting possible note- that because of the denial of inner workings by mans collective world soul - or elimination of the hunter gatherer tradition by a 'controlling party', that these stages have occured on the external instead of the internal, in effect distancing man each time from the reality of the 5 stages on the inner plane.... what a partnership to grasp!!!

I feel something is coming back to us that has been lost through the control of man via this growing technology on the outer plane- if one can mirror this on the inner, and see the symbolic representations from the outer as a guide, then we may see positive outcomes for those trapped in the material expression of 'I'... and ourselves

thankyou agian Rabbi.


sheila December 28, 2010

the change of technology I agree technology is progressing at an alarming rate. Behind it all are things being done no one wants to face. How is this happening and who are the victoms. Technology will always have its place but at what cost. I have noticed over the year how children are harder to adopt and children can be bought through government agencies by business. food for thought Reply

Yisrael israel Nampa, Idaho December 27, 2010

Ipad Is there any chance that the videos will be offered in IPad accessible format? Many of us now are using Ipads without Flash capability.

Thanks Reply

Binh Tran union city December 8, 2010

Globalization & the End of Work: Lesson 1 Great teaching, Thank You Rabbi. Reply

Mrs. Catherine Cronin December 7, 2010

Global economy I do agree that we are progressing at a phenominal speed. I can't keep up with the amount of ways we can communicate. However good it is, and I think its very good, many of us have problems on a personal level. So many people are stuck in their own world and becoming disconnected from each other in the physical world. Because of this lag of ability to connect with our physical neighbor and family as compared to email, or texting etc, we are becoming more lonely and detached. I only hope we can bridge the gap and connect the technology with the real physical human being of the physical world. ie. parents working and children are neglected, so children use computer etc to talk to people who really don't know them and may even harm them, all without the parents ever knowing what is going on; schools contact parents via computer never picking up the phone to have personal contact. So Rabbi is right about the stage we are in. I look forward to this series. Reply

DAVID cork, ireland December 6, 2010

technology dangers Technology is extremely dangerous to man; see Heidegger the "question concerning technology"; mankind is now being determined by random or unleashes technological process.

Technological process are party responsible for the current financial crises. very basically increasing sophistication and abstraction is increasing volatility and unlinking the interests between principal and agent.

Globalization itself is a technology process in a true sense. Like in the financial world much celebrated in the 90s but now being questioned - human control is being lost.

On a more superficial level, technology can create massive dangers - note BSE, which could have killed millions. Nano-technology, GM food and animals. We do not have the understanding of such processes to prevent and watch ur for such possibilities. In many ways science - the priest of technology - have an unwarranted and dangerous authority. Reply

Richard Raff December 6, 2010

The Global Shift So in order to bring G-d to us we must first reach for Him. The child will always reach to his or hers parents for attention. Getting the attention of G-d is achievement, for the merit of His blessings. Keep in touch and look forward to even more lectures from you. Reply

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