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Information & the Dematerialization of the World

Globalization & the End of Work: Lesson 4

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Information & the Dematerialization of the World: Globalization & the End of Work: Lesson 4

A description of the masculine and feminine intellectual faculties of chochmah and binah and their relationship to the "dematerialization" or "disembodiment" of how information is stored and transferred.
Binah, Chochmah, Information Technology

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pinchas goldstein cleveland April 26, 2014

very interesting, excellent explainations.... thank you! Reply

Anonymous Lodz, poland February 22, 2011

in writings I'm not english speaker, by native, so if you would put your knowledge in print / written forms? Your knowledge is precious. Reply

binh tran union city , ca January 7, 2011

TWO WOWS Thanks Rabbi Asher, I've watched all your teachings (Les 1-5) so far and its such an eyes and mind opening. one question; cloud computing, do you see that connect to your teachings? Thank You. Reply

Omar Ocando Punto Fijo, Falcon/Venezuela January 2, 2011

Lesson 4 Second time I hear lesson 4...excellent Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan January 1, 2011

Thank you for Hebrew The Hebrew terms shown in this series is my delight. Reply

marie December 27, 2010

wow Can't wait to hear about "technological singularity".. and this idea of 3D printers is amazing too.. will the govt. be regulating these printers I wonder? lol, I really am not sure what to think yet..and so ironically, it seems I need more 'information' for this to make better sense. Is there such a thing as perfect sense? Sounds nice, yet hard to imagine. Thanks for the mind spin :)

G-d Bless. Reply

Omar Ocando Punto Fijo, Falcòn/Venezuela December 27, 2010

Lesson 4 Excellente lesson. We must watch it over and over again; so that it can be intersewn in our mind cells. So that our brain cells can be intermixed with both the understanding and the wisdom, the Mother and Father as you said of such wonderfull lecture...excellent, excellent, excellent! Reply

Enos December 27, 2010

Excellent Excellent

The awakening mind is hungry for this wisdom Reply