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Visual Trespass

Privacy Rights, Lesson 2


Visual Trespass: Privacy Rights, Lesson 2

Is “visual trespass,” peeking into another’s property, considered damaging and a form of trespass, which must be enjoined by law to protect privacy?
Privacy Rights Lesson 2
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Talmud, Privacy; Confidentiality

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Rabbi Binyomin Bitton Vancouver, BC August 15, 2014

Thanks for the feedback To Daniel:

Thank you for your kind feedback. Hope that you were able to join some more Talmud courses with us.

To Lawrence:

Thanks for the tip. We'll keep it in mind for further series G-d willing. Reply

Daniel Eichenberg April 2, 2014

Thank you, Rav Bitton, for all of your classes, that are so educational, helpful and important.

You present them slowly and clearly with lightness that makes one curious to know more. Perhaps that is the goal of all education.


Eugina Giovanna Herrera New York City, New York January 23, 2014

Privacy Our privacy will never be protected. Torah is following instructions as to privacy is to obey owns privacy. In other words, our society will never change for its corruptions, we can change to educate to spread our wisdom by sharing our spirituality with the teachings of Torah. Privacy concerns will continue, invasion of privacy is against the law as to Torah is against biblical laws.

Thank you for sharing and educating. Reply

Lawrence Brooks VA January 17, 2014

Employee rights This is not perhaps a comment as much as a request to have as much information about or direction to take concerning employee rights at my job.

Thank you Reply

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