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Nazi Attacks on the Talmud

Anti-Semitic Readings of Jewish Texts

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Anonymous June 7, 2016

I am a Christian pastor and one of my chief goals is end anti-semitism. It's one thing for a person to say they support the Jewish people. That's great. But anti-semitism takes on even more insidious forms when we fail to appreciate the rich heritage of the Jewish faith as found in the Talmud. So many lies have been told about this wonderful collection of wisdom, halacka and ethics. Its existence and its passing on from generation to generation has enabled the Jewish people to hang on during hard times, and flourish when given the opportunity. No other religious writings or group of writings encourages debate, discussion and critical thinking like the Talmud.
In many ways, Judaism is the more highly-cultivated and refined form of faith in G-d and Christianity has much to learn from it. The first thing it needs to learn is the surpassing value of Jewish tradition and sacred Jewish writings. Reply

Eliyahu NY January 16, 2022
in response to Anonymous:

So why don’t you just convert to Judaism? Reply

Shlomo March 7, 2022
in response to Eliyahu:

He doesn't have to not should he and if I have learned one thing is this to respect people of different and we don't wish to convert others Reply

John Dow UK June 18, 2014

I suppose, then the place to start is by reading the Talmud. Then you can revisit your response. Reply

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