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Talmud Study - Lesson 1

An Introduction to Talmud

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Talmud Study - Lesson 1: An Introduction to Talmud

This introductory class to Talmud explores the rich history of the Oral Tradition, explains the structure of the Talmud, introduces some of its famed personalities and presents the layout of the Talmud page.
Timeline from the Giving of the Torah  
Map of Babylonia  
Six Orders of the Mishnah  
Sample Talmud Page Layout  
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Oral Torah, Tractate Bava Metziah, Talmud

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Jordan Mugala Ottawa Ontario Canada July 8, 2020

When I was younger...I will admit I was fiercely opposed to Ezras method of keeping the "sanctity" of the people of Israel, confident that if even Hashem had not made laws to such an extent in Torah, guarding against inter-marriage who was man to do so? This must be evil right?

Wrong! Over time and with experience you realize that the world is more complicated than black & white, more often then not the "bad" people ( Those who have abandoned mitzvah ) are appear pious and the "good" are to bashful to be noticed. Safe guards are very necessary.

Though I still do not agree with his terminology of "impure blood" referring to gentiles, Torah has made it clear that man where made equal. If it had not been for Jacob wrestling with G-d the people of Israel wold be non-existent. If they had not witnessed the fire on Mount Sinai they would not have received the much of the law we all love and revere today.

There must be exceptions put in-place or Israel looses it's diversity. Reply

Jordan Mugala July 7, 2020

Very interesting analysis, I have one or two questions to ask later on. Thank you very much! Reply

Jemima Bence Vellore632009 via jewish-discovery.com April 26, 2020

Is the work sheets& handout available in english Reply

Gary G Tate N. Dinwiddie February 23, 2020

Shalom my friend, were can I get the book and work sheets and learn and classes? Reply

Chabad.org Staff March 2, 2020
in response to Gary G Tate:

Hi Gary, you can find the worksheets in PDF format under the class player window. The actual text of the Talmud is composed of numerous volumes and they are available for sale in Judaica stores online and offline. Reply

Hujat Afghanistan March 25, 2020
in response to Chabad.org Staff:

Why sale? It should be free! Religion should not be for business purposes. Reply

Elizabeth Alcoba Olney March 28, 2020
in response to Hujat:

Hujat, if you were to purchase a Tanach (Bible) or other book, religious or other, you should expect to pay for it. The worksheets and other resources on Chabad, including these video lessons, are all free. They also cost money and time to produce; would you also expect that books for your own home library, religious or other be available for free? I do not understand this mentality friend.

Bear in mind that the rather numerous volumes of the Talmud are expensive to produce, especially if they are bound in leather, with quality paper. Even the creation of paper backs costs money to make. It is a personal purchase for your own library! All religious books that I have accumulated over time I have paid for myself (other than gifts). It's an investment in learning. Please google "Set of Talmud volumes" and take a look at what you're asking them to provide you for free. But you can try online, search for Daf Yomi and find online access to the Talmud. Good luck in your studies. Reply

Boris Pulatov New York January 16, 2020

Technical question: Is there a way to easily rewind for a short period, e.g. 10 or 30 seconds, without trying to manually move the slider? Reply

Boris Pulatov NY, US November 17, 2019

Can the printouts be recycled with other paper or special handling is required, e.g. for the sample Talmud page? Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman for Chabad.org November 19, 2019
in response to Boris Pulatov:

The printouts should be handled specially. They are to be buried, not thrown out. See here Reply

Pamela Indi August 18, 2019

Very interesting class Reply

Liz Henderson, NV June 19, 2019

This is an amazing resource. I yearn to connect to Torah on the go and throughout my day-to-day life and this is how I do it. Hashem bless Chabad and these Rabbis! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Reply

Patty Southern California June 16, 2019

Being a woman, can I study the Talmud, the Torah, or do you forbid it? Reply

Malkie Janowski for Chabad.org June 20, 2019
in response to Patty:

You certainly can, and our website is a great place to start. You may also want to look into classes that may be offered at a Chabad center near you. Reply

Arno Potsdam November 21, 2019
in response to Patty:

Anybody and everybody should study Torah and Talmud. It's man's essential duty ad woman's supportive duty. Reply

Ron Danko Melb December 14, 2019
in response to Patty:

no problems ... enjoy ! Reply

Elizabeth Alcoba Olney January 17, 2019

Thank you Rabbi! This is wonderful! I am so greatful to Chabad. Reply

ABDEL MOUMNI December 13, 2018

is it possible to download the video please ? Reply

Chabad.org Staff December 13, 2018
in response to ABDEL MOUMNI:

The video cannot be downloaded at this time, we're sorry.
You can download an audio file, it's linked under the player window Reply

Ebis Samantha Nigeria via jewishnigeria.com December 9, 2018

Am new here
And am willing to learn Reply

Anonymous October 18, 2018

Thanks! Is there a place where Rashi and Tosefta quote what you are saying in the Talmud? I wanted to go deeper in it. Reply

Joseph NC October 14, 2018

Thank you Rabbi for introducing the Talmud. Fascinating what you are presenting. You love for it comes through as you speak and makes me very engaged in learning about it. Reply

Anonymous Aurora, IL August 20, 2018

Thank you, I am very happy to live in this techno. age. G_D's wisdom is so great that I listen to Rabbe's lectures and the story of The Talmud made me cry and gave thank to HaShem. I am living to hear His Words "on-line"
This is the miracle. Reply

Bob Pepe Boston June 25, 2018

This is amazing .. I am so glad I found it. Learning Talmud was very intimidating and this is the perfect primer for me Reply

(Aaron)Milton Belindo LISBON PORTUGAL June 6, 2018

Thank you for making the knowledge free Reply

Anonymous Charlottesviklke, VA, USA May 6, 2018

Rabbi Wolf teaching Talmud for Beginners is fantastic. Reply

Alice Baertsch Luzern via jewish-discovery.com March 22, 2018

Shalom Rebbe. I am just a beginner in the Talmud studies. I like your first lession and explanation very much. You speak very clearly and I am glad I have found your shiur even for free on the internet. Thank you very much. I am looking very much forward to listening to the following lessions. Reply

Aaron March 11, 2018

Thank you Rabbi, thank you to everyone who has helped produce this. Reply

These Talmud classes will be studying and analyzing the third chapter of tractate Bava Metzia, which presents the Jewish approach in many matters of civil law, particularly vis-à-vis the different degrees of liability assumed by guardians, renters and borrowers.
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