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The Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds

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The Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds

How there came to be two different Talmuds, and how they differ from each other.
Talmud, Jerusalem Talmud

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David Toronto, Canada March 10, 2022

Please publish a written text to this video!

Reading is so much better, as you can skim through it and read in detail what you want. I know some prefer to listen than to read, so both formats covers it all!

Also with text you can print it out (on recycled paper, then recycle it after) ahead of time and read it on Shabbat.

Thank you. Reply

Anonymous Southeastern PA November 12, 2015

Mishnah, Yerushalmi, Bavli When I study Oral Law, BE"H, I hope to start with Mishnah. Why? The Talmud Bavli does not cover the entire Mishnah. And contra the video, the Bavli does not cover all of the tractates covered by the Bavli. There are numerous tractates of Mishnah not covered by either Gemara. Now, with the Jewish people returning from exile B"H, it is more important than ever to understand the entirety of the Mishnah. In my humble opinion! Reply

Anonymous sydney, nsw,, australia June 14, 2012

An excellent teaching tool This will make teaching of this 'subject' a real joy!
Both student and teacher, child and parent will find this short, to-the-point video clip both EDUCATIONAL as well as entertaining.
Just the way we need it this day-and-age!

from a former Jewish Studies teacher. Reply

Anonymous denver, CO USA July 10, 2011

gemara I'm learning gemara Reply

Maria Martinez Monte Vista, Colorado March 30, 2011

Bavli and Yerushalmi Enjoyed the video very much. Todah Reply

mike fruitland park, USA March 28, 2011

great, brief review this is a great review for old or young. it explains the subject quickly and in an ealy to understand format. Reply

Anonymous brooklyn March 27, 2011

not so sure according to the rebbe the yerushalmi talmud is short because of the fact that they didn't need to go through all the questions and answers that are in in the takmud bavli, rather they saw the conclusion with much less effort (also the menora should be made like the rambam, straight not round) Reply

Anonymous brooklyn January 16, 2011

bring on the Chassidus Great Great Job. A little spice maybe? You could explain the chssidic ramifications of Talmud Y, vs. Talmud B. Reply

Anonymous shanghai, china August 22, 2010

:) i love it its so good. LOL Reply

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