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The Sephardic Rishonim Part II

The Jews in Exile

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The Sephardic Rishonim Part II: The Jews in Exile

This class covers more of the medieval scholars (“Rishonim”) of Sephardic Jewry, including Nachmanides, R. Shlomo ben Aderet, Rabbeinu Asher, the Baal HaTurim and Rabbeinu Nissim. This class concludes with the proliferation of Kabbalah in Spain.
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History, Kabbalah, History of, R. Jacob ben Asher (Baal HaTurim), R. Moshe de Leon, Rabbeinu Nissim, Maharam of Rothenburg, Rosh, Nachmanides, Jewish History

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Brenda Tawil New Jersey/Jerusalem December 3, 2014

Thank you for your wonderful lectures in Jewish History. It has been so overlooked, so scarce and piecemeal and out of chronological order... You have filled an important gap in Jewish learning. Reply

Mendel Dubov Sparta, NJ May 11, 2014

To Ze'ev Please see the next lesson on Spanish ('Sephardi") Jewry. I think its important to understand that this is general overview of the Jewish story. The nature of recorded history is that it focuses on where the 'action' was at that time. So for example, much less is known about Babylonian Jewry after the ascent of Ezra to Eretz Yisrael than before. The spotlight moves. I would venture to say similar to Sephardi Jewry after the Spanish expulsion. Reply

Ze'ev April 11, 2014

How come that except for the Sephardic Rishonim you guys totaly ignore the history of the Sephardic Jewry? Reply