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Chasidim, Mitnagdim and Enlightenment

The Jews in Exile

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Chasidim, Mitnagdim and Enlightenment: The Jews in Exile

This class covers the growth of the Chasidic movement as well as those who opposed it (the Mitnagdim). At the end of the class, we discuss the beginnings of the Haskalah or "Enlightenment" which drew many Jews away from observance.
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Assimilation, History, R. Elijah, the Gaon of Vilna, Jewish History

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Michael Richardson May 26, 2020

Thank you very much, Rabbi Dubov! I enjoyed your Chasidim/Enlightenment presentation very much. My understanding regarding Moses Mendelssohn is that he wanted to open Judaism to the Enlightenment. He believed Jews should study science, literature, and philosophy, areas of intellectual pursuit that began to flourish once the shackles of the Church were broken. As you mentioned, he continued to live as a devout Orthodox Jew. Can he really be held responsible for what followed in terms of assimilation or the Reform Jewish movement? Reply

Chaya Mushka Michigan May 8, 2020

really enjoyed! very interesting:) Reply

anonymous May 7, 2020

Great classes! Really enjoyed it. very clear and very easy to follow. Reply

11th grader May 7, 2020

It seems like the Vilna Goan was misinformed about Chassidus
an 11th grader Reply

An 11th grader May 3, 2020

Amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents Reply

Anonymous North Miami November 9, 2016

Great classes. Some pointers, Id like a little more historical details, and for the crowd in the back not to have so much ad lib. Really enjoy these classes on the way to and back from work. Reply

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