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Judaism After the Destruction

The Jews in Exile

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Judaism After the Destruction: The Jews in Exile

Even after the destruction of the Second Temple, the Roman persecution of the Jewish people continued. In this class we learn about the Bar Kochba revolt, as well as some of the important rabbinical leaders of the era such as R. Akiva, R. Meir and R. Shimon ben Yochai.
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History, Bar Kochba Rebellion, Rome, Simeon ben Yohai, Rabbi, Akiba ben Joseph, Jewish History

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S.Z.E. Pittsburgh July 2, 2019

If i am not mistaken, when the Gemara talks about Antoninus, it is not Anthony, but the emperor, and philosopher, Marcus Aurelius. The Romans all had several names- for an example, Augustus is also known as Octavious. This is particularly true by monarchs- indeed today, and in recent years, we see that the queens and kings of England have traditionally taken on new names upon assuming the throne. just thought i'd try and clear that up. But thank you for the class, Rabbi, it was very interesting. Reply

M. Diane Flushing June 27, 2016

You're a Natural Story Teller (in a good way, of course!) Gee Whiz, Rabbi Dubov, You really know how to tell a story! I am going to be sorry when I finish listening to all your videos. I haven't even listened to this one yet. I am just starting this one; but, I KNOW it's going to be great! Thanks so much for making these. Remember to take a swig of your tea once in a while. You play with the tea bag -- but drink, drink! We want you to moisten your poor throat -- so you can tell us more history! ^.^ Reply

Anonymous New York NY August 11, 2013

When Jews came to Russia I have been following your enlightening videos of the glory and travail of the Jews but was curious if they are stopping after Safed. It was my understanding that there would be another video of the Jews entering Russia. Thank you ..and mazel tov..

Kameo Apeldoorn July 4, 2013

video Again, such an incredible interesting history lesson about Judaism, thanks for sharing, love from the Netherlands! Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA April 16, 2013

Judaism After The Destruction Great teaching Rabbi Dubov. Now I understand why R. Meir's memory is kept so special. But why not say: The G-d of Abraham, Issac, and Jaacob? Or for that matter pray directly pray to Hashem, blessed be He. See, Hashem is a very jelous G-d, and so am i for Him. With all my respect, i am no body, but who loves Him, the Only One. I love the history, really enjoy every minute of your teaching. Thank you for your enthusiasm, and devotion. May Hashem keep on blessing you so that you become a great scholar, and teacher. I will be looking forward to the next hour with your video. Reply