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The Crusades and Medieval European Jewry

The Jews in Exile

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The Crusades and Medieval European Jewry: The Jews in Exile

This class covers a period of severe oppression for Ashkenazic Jewry which included the Crusades and blood libels.
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The Second Crusade, The First Crusade, The Crusades, Jewish History

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JH CA June 20, 2013

Wonderful presentation and information, Rabbi. Thank you for it. Jh Reply

Anonymous USA June 17, 2013

The Crusades and Midieval European Jewry Thank you Rabbi Dubov for your teachings. It was very interesting. Part of my Mom's ancestry were from Austria, Spain and Morocco. From my father's side I understand that they were from Spain and France. I hear the story and makes me very sad to know that many were either forced to convert or kill. Baruch Hashem! Reply

Tim Upham Tum Tum, WA June 17, 2013

It Moved Jewish Civilization Eastward That was one of the things that drove the Ashkenazim out of the Rhine River Valley, and into Central Europe. The other one was the aftermath of the Mongol invasion. Reply