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String Theory, Part 1

The Practical

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String Theory, Part 1: The Practical

The foundational mitzvah of tzitzit is meant to constantly remind us of the 613 cords of love which bind us to the Creator of heaven and earth.
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Chantal Connecticut, USA March 25, 2023

Great lecture. Thank you. Are tzitzit obligatory for males only and if so, why? Thank you in advance. Reply

Mendel Kaplan Thornhill March 28, 2023
in response to Chantal :

TY! No. In a word males require more strings to remain attached to G-d. Women are more naturally connected. To see/enjoy my continued teaching of Torah please subscribe and enable notifications on my YouTube Channel: You may also visit my new website RabbiKaplan.TV which features all of my different classes that are hosted on multiple different platforms Reply

Anonymous September 23, 2020

Are you related to Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan? Reply

Mendel Kaplan Thornhill September 24, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

no Reply

Joan Spehr Clark Westerville June 1, 2013

Tzitzit and Tallit I have a prayer shawl, having chosen to be Jewish, and converting from Christianity - but I don't know or didn't, much about usage. I knew to pray, and that prayer was self evaluation - but not that the fringes "had" to be blue (mine are white), thinking it is more important to have the item and do the actions, rather than what color it is..., nor that you are supposed to unravel them & tie them back together? So I am learning...thanks for the information. I have no friends that are Jewish religiously. I have friends that are racially Jewish. I just matched myself to what I felt was inside me at age 8. So God made me Jewish??
I should start applying it the right way; but within my home no one does. My home is "cool"...("much change") and I find that difficult. My ex husband is Christian. How do you just start practicing something new around a different philosophy?

Tzitzit means string? or tassel then? Reply

Herzl Zoock Tampa, FL May 23, 2013

Tremendous Rabbi: I always look forward to your lessons. They bring clarity to me on many subjects. Please continue to teach! Reply

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