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Negative Thoughts Are Good News

What you see is not what you get (Tanya Ch. 27-28)

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Negative Thoughts Are Good News: What you see is not what you get (Tanya Ch. 27-28)

Imagine if everyone could read all of our thoughts; it may not be much of a blessing after all. Can we truly be joyous knowing our disappointing reality that we at times have negative and ugly thoughts that pop into our heads that may generate feelings of shame and guilt?
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Tanya, Sadness; Grief, Joy; Happiness, Temptation, Thought

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Learning the Tanakh January 7, 2019

I really enjoyed this video. Thoughts are something that I have struggled with and thought I was a bad person! Reply

Anonymous Kew Garden Hills April 5, 2017

You said the Tzadik doesn't earn the Mitzvah of doing Teshuva for stealing But the Tzadik earns the Mitzvah Lo Taaseh of "you shall not steal" Reply

Anonymous Aurora December 8, 2016

Wonderful video !! B"H
Thank you for this video. Explains why I have trouble w concentration in prayer, and the motivation to keep going. Reply

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