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Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom
From the book, “Wisdom to Heal the Earth”
We are the self with whom He speaks.
We were given failure so we could learn wisdom.
If there were streetlamps along the path of wisdom, who would discover the hidden treasure?
Torah: Pure divine wisdom. Nothing added. Nothing taken away.
Wisdom, understanding, kindness, compassion--with these our small minds and hearts can embrace the Infinite.
Truth is the struggle to know truth.
Torah is G‑d thinking.
Sometimes, the answer is in the stillness.
A parable is to truth as clothing is to a person.
Truth is determined by real life, because real life is where truth belongs.
On the outside, Torah speaks the language of humankind. On the inside, it is depth without end.
Inside the words is a story. Inside the story is a thought. Inside the thought is a great light. Inside the light is G-d.
Dressed in G-d's Clothes
Torah is G-d pondering Himself.
Torah opens your eyes to see G-d in simple stories.
The further you want to reach, the deeper you must dig.
Everything you see is a metaphor. Everything points higher.
If it is truth, it is meant for you, here, now.
Only one who values his own heritage can appreciate the beauty that others hold.
Don't change anything. Just bring in more light.
All wisdom begins with “I don’t know.”
What Is Alef?
A Point Above, a Point Below
What is an Alef? A point above, a point below, and a line of Torah connecting them.
Yesterday's water cannot quench today's thirst.
A Jew and Torah are one.
There is only one thing that bonds us as a people, and that is Torah.
Believe in yourself as much as the One who made you believes in you.
Torah is a single whole. Each teaching sheds light on every other teaching.
The toughest questions come from those with the strongest faith.
When you learn, question yourself. When you do, believe in yourself.
Faith is your compass. Intellect is your guide.
Intellect holds the map. Faith has the boldness to make the journey.
Everything is His thought. But no thought can grasp Him.
There is no pleasure greater than a mitzvah done with joy.
Torah unlocks divine delight.
The essence of each thing is the Creator's delight in the song it sings.
We do not keep our traditions for the sake of the past, but for their power to create a better future.