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Meditations on Man & Woman

Make peace inside and you will have peace with others.
Where a man conquers, a woman nurtures.
Man and Woman
Together, a man and a woman form a single being.
A man tells you ideas. A woman tells you who you are.
Ancient wisdom, practical advice
Each man stands between two females: the corporeal woman below to whom he must provide sustenance and affection; and the Shechinah which stands over him to bless him with these so that he may turn around and provide them to the woman of his covenant
The foundation of a strong home is built of gentle words.
A man can build a house, but a woman makes it a home.
A home is built with wisdom. Not with a hammer.
Harmony at home is a matter of emphasis: Let dissonance slip by. Celebrate beauty.
In the union of man and woman shines the essence of all that is holy and divine.
All that G‑d created, He said was good. Except for one: “It is not good that man is alone.”
True peace is the beauty that emerges from a panorama of colors.
Woman and man are two opposites. And so courtship never ends.
A relationship is not created by what you give, but how you give it.
From union with a woman, a man learns to nurture. From union with a man, a woman conquers through her nurture.
True oneness is when two are torn apart, and then choose to be one.
The greatest gift of love is to turn a blind eye.
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