Meditations for Peace of Mind

We are victims only as much as we fail to recognize our own power.
The dragon you must slay burns inside you.
Only one thing exists at this moment: That in which you are engaged right now.
Looking at your world from Above, all is good.
Arrows of Life
In which direction does your life move? To wherever you have placed its arrow.
Liberate yourself from fear and become life’s master.
Delusions of Anger
From Above pours down only love, an infinite love that neither subsides nor changes.
We aren’t here to report on the mud. We’re here to find the jewels it hides.
Lasting peace is achieved by those who have made peace between the rigor of their mind and the simplicity of their vision.
Stop trying to micromanage your world. The One who made it is already doing that.
Ignore the urge to return ugliness in kind, and G‑d will do the same with you.
The thoughts of your mind are the mother and the father of the emotions of your heart.
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