Meditations on Teaching

We all have many missions in life. But the priority mission for all of us is to guide those who are lost.
Believe in yourself as much as the One who made you believes in you.
The first step forward is to know where you are now.
Better advice from a human being that cares than an angel in heaven.
The true teacher is most present in his absence.
The real power is within. A good teacher only triggers the chain reaction.
If you know alef-bet, teach alef-bet. If you know only alef, teach someone alef.
Wisdom truly heard is new every time it is heard again.
A real teacher is one who leaves his world for the world of his student and learns from there.
Make It Your Own
Only once you have made it yours, then you can give it to others.
A teacher must go to the student and say, “Why don’t you bother me, my student? Ask me. Speak to me.”
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