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The Book of Purpose

At the Essence there is nothing but the burning purpose of this moment now.
Where there is purpose, there is no fear.
When they tell you, “You can’t go on that path, it’s beyond you!”—grab that path as your destiny.
Stop seeking perfection and start fixing the world.
Our destiny is determined, with one exception: Will we be the spectators, or the heroes?
There are times to bend like a reed in the wind; times to act as a stubborn wall against the tide.
You are a somebody because your purpose is everything.
The ultimate delight is when your child does it all on his own.
Apathy flows with ease. Kindness must climb mountains.
All that's left is to open our eyes.
Every day of your life you are born, live your life through, and pass on from this world.
There is an outer world that is but a stage. And there is an inner world, its soul for which it was brought into being.
Know you are not an angel. Know you are not a beast. Know you are human.
Nothing is more precious to us than that which we create through toil and struggle.
Defy terror with beauty. Do kindness beyond reason. Combat darkness with infinite light.
Whatever is permissible must be used for the good.
The only way to change the world is by changing who you think you are.
One day soon, the material world will speak more than any spiritual being could know.
Where do you find G-d? In the work of our hands, repairing His world.
Inspiration cools down—so that you can grab it and make it real.
The world exists because G-d believes in it.
Love that is good, love that has meaning, such love is up to you alone.
Only in darkness can you choose light.
The most powerful act is to surrender the delusion of power.
Have genuine love for people and you will attain genuine love for G-d.
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