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Meditations for Happiness

The night is past. It is afternoon before Shabbat.
We have cried enough bitter tears. Now is time to return with joy.
Embrace the infinite, and let joy surprise you.
Every need of the body can be a channel for the divine.
If you did good, celebrate that you have a G‑d who is there with you in your good work. And if you fell on your face, celebrate that you have a G‑d who does not abandon you when you fall.
Life does not tell stories. People do.
Worry leaves no room for life. Be simple and open to heaven's downpour.
True faith has open eyes, yet a steadfast heart.
True happiness is the high road to G‑d.
Dance in the joy of a mitzvah, and you will hear your holy mothers and fathers of ages past, dancing and singing along.
Joy breaks down all barriers.
With unbounded joy you tap the unbounded you.
Ignore the urge to return ugliness in kind, and G‑d will do the same with you.
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