Faith & Intellect

Unbound by the confines of space and time, your soul sees a reality your mind cannot fathom.
Wisdom is the power to see the truth without attempting to fit it into any mold.
Blind faith is a fear of knowledge. True faith is a sense of the unknowable.
To grasp truth, you must be truth.
Wisdom is the capacity to see the truth as it is and the quietness to allow it entry without compromise.
Only a fool will toss out the inheritance of many generations. But we must make it our own, as well.
The greatest mind can never contain the wisdom of the simplest heart.
The toughest questions come from those with the strongest faith.
When you learn, question yourself. When you do, believe in yourself.
Faith is your compass. Intellect is your guide.
The values essential to humanity’s survival can endure only when they are tied to a higher awareness.
Trust in G-d takes practice. And rehearsal.
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