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Parshah Doses

Yitro, Shavuot
What is an Alef? A point above, a point below, and a line of Torah connecting them.
Enter into an ark of contemplation and prayer and let the floods of life lift you high.
Before the beginning, G-d saw your struggle and He saw that you would win. And so He created a world.
All the mighty waters of this world can never extinguish the love that burns inside your soul. They can only lift it higher.
Whatever you do, do it for real. There is no other way to find truth.
Lech Lecha
When your soul descends into the world of action, then every rule can be broken.
Every journey leads in one direction: Towards within.
Even the wrong road eventually takes you closer to the truth. Even closer.
Eating is a spiritual activity.
Chayei Sarah
Live in this world, but live above it.
Chayei Sarah
In which direction does your life move? To wherever you have placed its arrow.
Invest your entire being in each day of life and it will belong to you.
If there is anything to fear, it is that we may make peace with all that is bad and ugly in this world.
Out of hope, our nation was born.
Choose Life!
Choose life! It’s up to you.
No one listens to rebuke unless they believe that you love them.
Existence is greater than any miracle. There is no reason that there should be anything at all.
Obstacles are miracles waiting to happen.
Splitting the Sea
If you catch yourself fitting into a definition, contradict it.
The first step to finding meaning is to see beyond the material world.
Manna in a Basket
Think of everything you have as manna from heaven and you will never be dissatisfied.
Every day, every moment, the entire Torah is given anew.
Keep real. But don't let reality become your master.